Rotary Park, 1200 W. 5th Ave.

KVJSA Recreational League Outdoor Soccer are played at ROTARY PARK 1200 W. 5th Ave.

Directions to ROTARY PARK: From Main Street, follow 5th St. to the west...5th St. dead ends into ROTARY PARK.

Directions to ROTARY PARK Overflow Parking:From Main Street, follow 5th St. to the west. Turn left at the stop sign. Proceed 1.3 miles and turn right onto dirt road.

Please observe the NO PARKING signs along the entry roadway to ROTARY PARK. Observing these signs as well as the DIRECTION OF TRAFFIC FLOW signs will help to create a safe environment for the players & specatators as they move to and from their vehicles.

Rotary Park Overflow Parking