Financial Assistance

If you feel that your family qualifies for financial assistance to help with KVJSA registration fees please complete the following form and return it to either:



Attn: Financial Assistance

PO Box 1450

Ellensburg, WA 98926

The application is due by July 31, 2017. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made for late applications.

Financial Assistance Application

Solicitud para Asistencia Financiera

Hope Source

Youth Scholarship

Description:The Youth Recreational Scholarship is intended to assist children, ages 0-18, in participating in cultural and recreational activities.

Eligibility: Clients must be age 0-18, have an household income of 150% or lower of the Federal Poverty Level, have a referral from a counselor, case manager or HopeSource staff member, be actively enrolled in an educational setting during the academic school year, and be registered with HopeSource.

Eligible Activities: Scholarships will be limited to participation in organized youth recreation and cultural activities. Activities include, but are not limited to: music, art, dance, gymnastics, swim, drama, sports leagues, school sports and activity, and day camps. Scholarships may be used to purchase sports supply equipment only if the equipment is necessary for the child to participate in the organized youth recreation or cultural activity (ie. soccer shoes for the soccer team). Scholarships may not be used to pay for child or respite care, pool passes, or any non-organized youth event.

Award Amount: 75% of the requested amount will be considered for scholarship. The maximum amount awarded per child is $35.00 per request for activities and/or equipment. Each parent or guardian should anticipate making a monetary contribution to the activity. HopeSource will send payment directly to the organization hosting the activity; however we are not responsible for registering the child in the activity. Families are responsible for ensuring the students are registered for the specific activity.

Age 0-18 years. A child may receive up to two scholarships per year, with a maximum of $150 per family per year.

Visit Hope Source for more information.

Ellensburg Office: 700 E. Mountain View, Suite 501

Ellensburg, WA 98926

Phone: 509.925.1448