EFC FAQs 2018

Ellensburg Football Club (EFC) Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  1. How is EFC related to KVJSA?

KVJSA is a non-profit organization that promotes youth soccer in Kittitas Valley and runs a recreational league in the fall. EFC is the competitive branch of Kittitas Valley Junior Soccer Association (KVJSA). It consists of competitive teams that play in regional competitive leagues and tournaments.

  1. What is the cost of being on an EFC team?

The cost for participation in EFC varies slightly each year due to several variables such as league fees, referee availability and number of players & teams participating. There is an EFC registration fee that covers coaching, administration, field rentals, lining costs & league fees. On top of these expenses, there is a once-per-year (Aug.1-July.31) US Club registration fee or "Player Card" which tracks official birth date & eligibility verification, staff background checks & individual player insurance. As necessary, players are required to provide their own uniform components. These are sourced from a common location and EFC makes every effort to keep these items consistent from year-to-year and reasonably priced. Many of our players are able to wear the same uniforms for multiple seasons/years and only replace components as necessary. i.e. a new pair of socks from time to time is pretty nice or an outgrown shirt without requiring a new pair of shorts, etc. Current registration rates will be posted on our website prior to spring tryouts each year.

  1. What teams are the tryouts for?

These tryouts are for competitive teams that will play in fall Puget Sound Premier League (PSPL). Some will also choose to play in the spring in one of the PSPL groups or in tournaments such as the state cup.

  1. Does my child need to attend both of his/her tryout dates?

No, your child only needs to attend one of the dates listed for his/her grade level. However, we would prefer to see as many children as possible over two days to fully assess their play, particularly if they have not played on an EFC team in the past.

  1. What should I do if my child can not come to her/his tryout dates?

Let us know by e-mailing kvjsa@yahoo.com if your child has a conflict on both of her/his trout dates. We plan to schedule a make-up tryout date the week after tryouts.

  1. What age group teams will be offered next year?

Tryouts are for girls and boys ages U10 through U15 and high school boys. The Fall 2018 age groups are:

U10: born in 2009

U11: born in 2008

U12: born in 2007

U13: born in 2006

U14: born in 2005

U15: born in 2004

High School Boys: 2001 and younger

Teams will be formed based on numbers of competitive-ready players who tryout. It is likely that in some cases age groups will be combined.

  1. Who will coach at my child's age group?

Final coaching assignments will be made shortly after tryouts once we know which age groups and genders have teams.

  1. How are coaches chosen?

Coaches must submit an application to KVJSA prior to tryouts. Coaches are chosen by the Competitive Director. Factors that are considered in this decision are: experience coaching; experience working with players and parents in specific age group; parent input; interpersonal/communication skills; coaching credentials and evidence of coach development (certifications, courses, etc.); ability to work with other EFC coaches.

  1. I have heard that competitive teams play in Spokane or Seattle. Where will my child's team play?

Where your child's team plays will depend on the level of the team and the age group. In the past, our U11 and older teams have played at two levels in PSPL, Classic and Copa. Classic is more competitive and our Classic teams have played mostly against teams in the Puget Sound area. Copa is less competitive; last fall our Copa teams played in the Inland Northwest League, which consisted mostly of Spokane teams. PSPL is striving to develop Central Washington groups within both groups so that teams do not have to travel so far. Last year, they started a Central Washington Development league for the U10 age group and younger with only teams from central Washington. We had one team in this league, which only travelled in central Washington.

  1. Is there any possibility for my child's team to travel less and play closer to home?

The only current competitive leagues that we have access to through our parent organization, US Club. The extent of travel varies depending on the age level and the competitive level of the team, but tends to be less for the youngest teams because there is a Central Washington Development League.

If, after tryouts, there is a team of players that is not ready for competitive play in one of the PSPL leagues, it is possible that we might form a team that competes in less competitive tournaments.

  1. What will the schedule be? How much travel is involved?

Travel depends on the age of the team, and the league that they are playing in. Teams play between eight and twelve games between September 6 and early December. Half of each team's games are played at home in Ellensburg and half are away. For the U10 age group, there is a Central Washington Development League, so travel for these age groups is generally closer, usually no further than an hour and a half away. For the older teams, they may have travel to the Seattle or Spokane area, or even as far as Lewiston, Idaho. Teams make every effort to combine games in long road trip to reduce travelling. For example, double-headers in Spokane or the Seattle area might be arranged for single days of for Saturday and Sunday. In this way, there are usually only around three weekends with considerable travel.

  1. Do I have to go to all of my child's away games?

Most teams arrange some level of carpooling, hotel-room sharing, and/or stay with relatives or friends to reduce the burden and cost of travel on families. Players tend to enjoy the experience of traveling with their teammates.